Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mazha Njaan Arinjirunnilla (cover)

It has been more than two months since I have sung or recorded anything. Thanks to my wifey and kiddo who were kind enough to leave me alone on a Saturday evening, I recorded a cover version of this beautiful song without any backing track. Do hear and let me know how it sounds. :-)

Movie: Doctor Patient (2009)
Lyrics: Rafeeq Ahammed
Music: Bennet-Veetrag
Original singer: Hariharan
Covered by: Joseph Thomas (Jo)

Mazha njaan arinjirunnilla (cover) by jocalling

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Baliyaay Thirumunpil (Christian Devotional)

Many years ago, a Christian devotional album had completely changed the way people heard the Christian devotional songs. It brought in writers like Chittoor Gopi, poet ONV Kuruppu etc and singers like Yesuda, Chitra, M G Sreekumar, Unnimenon, Minmini and Sujatha. The album, though initially was not well received by tradionalists who said 'it sounds like film songs', was a big hit. It's first song "Rakshakaa" sung by Yesudas shot to fame and was sung in stages regardless of religions. To put an example, that song was the equivalent of "paLLikettu shabarimalakku" if you talk about popularity. The composer of the album is Tomin J Thachankary, who is the Inspector General of Police in Kerala now (by the way, Thachankary is now infamous for his alleged terrorist links).

Another album followed, which was titled "Thiruvachanam". More filmi singers and more poets followed in this one too and it became yet another hit. The song I am posting today is from this album. It's a beautiful song and has beautiful lyrics. On this weekend that Christians celebrate as the Holy Weekend, I would like to post this song and wish all my readers and listeners a happy and peaceful Easter. Remember the magical message that Easter gives - hope.

Song: Baliyaay thirumunpil
Album: Thirivachanam
Lyricist: P.K.Gopi
Music: Tomin J Thachangari IPS
Original singer: Yesudas
Covered by: Joseph Thomas (Jo)

Download "Baliyaay Thirumunpil" cover MP3 here (5.1 MB)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pavizham Pol (cover)

My colleague and friend Sitara had asked me to do a cover of this song long back. Didn’t have the karaoke track back then but I got it recently and wanted to record something over the weekend so badly, so I recorded this song at midnight (yes, exactly past midnight) on Saturday. This song has beautiful lyrics from the Jananpeeth winner and Kerala’s most famous poet ONV Kuruppu and the magical music of Johnson master. What you would note about Johnson master is that he gives a lot of space for the vocalist with a minimal orchestration. And these two talented people joined the film director late Padmarajan in a wonderful movie project called “Namukku Paarkkan Munthirithoppukal”. Here is my version of the song.

Song: Pavizham pol
Movie: Namakku Paarkan Munthiri Thoppukal
Singer: Yesudas
Lyrics : O.N.V
music : Johnson

Download the MP3 of my cover of "Pavizham Pol"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nilaa Nilaa Mizhiye

It's been a long long time since I have sung or recorded anything. The little one is taking most of my time, not that I am complaining. With him, life is so much different but in a very positive way that I forget the sleep interruptions, waking up early, spending time with him and all that. I just love being with him. :-) He is the most precious thing ever in my life. But last weekend, I took sometime off baby sitting with wifey's permission and recorded this song. The thing is, I have not been singing much these days and music blogging is an excuse to get back to singing. To sing properly after a few months was really tiring but I enjoyed every moment of it.

Here is yet another gem from Deepak Dev. Let me know what you think and thanks for listening. :-)