Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's been a few days since I sang something. Today, when I came back to the lodge room after work I looked into the recent song requests and there was this song that my friend and colleague Sijo asked me to sing long back. I've been waiting to get the karaoke track of this song, but had no luck with that. So I decided to post an un-plugged version of the song.

This song has some beautiful lines by one of the greatest poets/lyricists of our time, Sri. Yusuf Ali Kecheri and music given by Sri. Perumbavoor G Raveendranath, who is also famous for composing beautiful songs in Malayalam.

Song: Perariyaathoru
Movie: Sneham
Music: Perumbavoor G Raveendranath
Lyrics: Yusuf Ali Kecheri
Originally sung by: K J Yesudas
Sung by: Jo
Requested by: Sijo Jose T

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yetanother.softwarejunk said...

valare slow ayyo Jo?

Jo said...

Perhaps, yeah. :-) Since there was no backing track, I took the liberty of singing at leisure. ;-)

Sushma Praveen said...

This song is one of my personal favorites.. You sang it beautifully!