Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Aaj Se Pehle from Chitchor

Here is one of my favorite Hindi songs sung by Yesudas. Thanks to Rama di for the karaoke track. I will be singing more Hindi songs by Yesudas in the coming days. This was recorded sometime last week.

Movie Name: Chitchor (1976)
Original Singer: Yesudas KJ
Music Director: Ravindra Jain
Lyrics: Ravindra Jain
Year: 1976
Sung by: Jo

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Neha Nair said...

Chitchor has the best of the songs by Yesudas. My favourite being Jab deep and Gori tera.I am impressed with your singing. Why don't you try a hand in playback?Even I am a singer. So have you chosen this as a profession?

Jo said...

Hi Neha, thanks for dropping by and for your comments. I am into IT and has not yet chosen singing as a profession. But I'm very much passionate about music. :)

Neha Nair said...

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I have converted into an mp3 file. Please try listening to the song now. If your not able to access it again do let me know. Thanks

And I honestly think you should give some more time to music. These are God given gifts not to be wasted.

tamil aruvi said...

Ah! A wonderful song indeed. If I had not read that it is now sung by you, I would have just thought that it is the original song sung by KJ Yeshudas! Look forward for more posts like this!

Jo said...

Thanks a lot Neha. Yes, I will definitely dedicate more time for music.

Jo said...

Tamil Aruvi - Thanks a lot! I will post more songs quite often. Right now having cold and weezing. :)

Sushma Praveen said...

Good one! You voice is realllyyy goood. Very soothing to the ears.. Keep up the good work.

Jo said...

Thank you Sushma! :-)

Arun G S said...

Jo,Ofcourse its good as usual,but what I would suggest is please give some more energy to such type of fast songs. Your voice is too good for melodies and soothing songs, Don't follow the same way of singing for this type of songs also, impart some more energy.Then only you can get that feel of the song.
Please Don't take it in the wrong way.I am just sharing my thought.


Jo said...


Thanks for your frank opinion and yes, I do agree that there should be more enthu and energy while singing fast songs. I shall concentrate on that more. Thank you!