Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shyama Meghame - Salil Chowdhury composition

Presenting you Shyaama Meghame, one of the most beautiful compositions by the maestro Salil Chowdhury and sung by Yesudas. This was a long pending song request from Deeps and I had severe throat pain at that time and I couldn't record it. Deeps is one of the best friends that anyone could ask for if friendship means standing by your friend at times when he/she needs you the most. And I dedicate this song to her.

Song: Shyama Meghame
Movie: Samayamayilla Polum (1978)
Singer: K J Yesudas
Music: Salil Chowdhury
Lyrics: O N V Kurup
Year: 1978

Download link: http://www.4shared.com/dir/4894733/31186d27/josharing.html
File name: SyaamaMeghame.mp3




RK said...

Excellent singing Jo!
Enjoyed it !

Jo said...

Thank you RK!

Deepak Roy Chittajallu said...

Nicely Sung Jo !!!!

Totally Loved the Melody in the composition !!!

And u hv done justice to it !!!

Jo said...

Thanks Deepak!

Awatts said...

long time jo! very melodious, put me into a trance...

thahseen said...

hmm...hm.. hm. ( fake chuma ) :-).. am gonna say it, you should do pranayama.. it will make you feel better and give you more lung capacity and also, don't forget the famous sangathis of this song

Jo said...

Ajitha, thanks! :-)

Thahseen, thanks for the honest remarks. :-) Yeah, I should be more careful now!! :-)


Jo I am not a person to make any technical comment about this song. But Salilda is one of my favorite musicians. Many of his compositions in Malayalam are great hit. Your presentation of this song is excellent. Its also one of my favorite song by Salilda. There are many other songs that I like. Some of them are
Poomanam Poothulanje..... & Onapoove Omal Poove... Sreepadam Vidarnna Sarasee (Etho Oru Swapnam)

Mayilukaladum Malinithan Theeram Manasathiletho (Samaya Mayilla Polum)

Mathalapoopoloru Manasam Njaninnu Kandu (Swapanam)


I have a request to you. Please post the following two songs by Salilda
1.Kalakalam Kayalolangal padum (Ee Ganam Marakkumo)
2.Aathirapoovaniyan Aathmasakhi (Pratheeksha)

I only checked three songs posted on January2008. If you already have posted this songs I will check it.

With best wishes & regards

Kalyani said...

Hi Jo,

Loved this song. I have a request, an old tamil song called "Nilave ennidam nerungathe", sung by P.B.Srinivas from the movie Ramu(1966). If possible please add my request to your song list. Thanks.

Jo said...

Kalyani, thanks for your compliment. I will check to see if this song is available and will get back to you.