Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kangal Irandaal (cover)

Kangal Irandaal from Subramanyapuram

Kangal Irandaal from Subramanyapuram is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in the recent times. I never get tired listening to this song over and over again because there is some kind of innocence and beauty about this song which I cannot really put in to words. And the singers have brought out very good emotions in the song. The karaoke track had Deepa Mirium’s vocals in it and I added just the male vocals part. Another duet version of this is coming up soon. (Thanks to Rosh for the track)

Song: Kangal Irandaal

Music: James Vasanthan

Original singers: Belly Raj, Deepa Mirium

Sung by: Jo (with the vocal track of Deepa Mirium)

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Kangal Irandaal (cover) | Music Codes

(Image courtesy: India Glitz)


അഭിലാഷങ്ങള്‍ said...

Nice Singing Jo..

Keep it up.


Kalyani said...

Hi Jo,

Very nice performance. Keep it up. Did you happen to hear "zindhagi zindhagi" song from Yuvvraaj sung by Srinivas. I love that song and feel your voice will suit that song very well. So, try it out if you have time. Thanks.

Jo said...

Abhilash: Thank you very much.

Kalyani: Thanks a lot. I haven't got the karaoke for that song yet. Will sing it once I get the karaoke track. :-)

Ajith Prasad Edassery said...

Excellent Joe. I haven't listened to the original yet but I would think that you are equally good or better than the original. Liked the depth in your voice.

Jo said...

Hey! Thanks Ajith! :-)

arul Sudarsanam said...

Sung very wonderful. My opinion is you have to take some breath exercise to control continuity during singing. Otherwise GREAT!!

Jo said...

Thank you Arul. Will concentrate more on breath.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo

great voice!!! keep up the good work.