Friday, March 20, 2009

Thendral Vandhu Ennai Thodum (cover)

Here is my first duet with Meena. A beautiful song by IR. Thanks to Meena for suggesting this song.

Song: Thendral Vandhu Ennai Thodum

Movie: Thendrale Ennai Thodu (Tamil)

Music: Ilaiyaraja

Original Singers: K J Yesudas, S Janaki

Covered by: Jo, Meena

Download this song MP3 from here (3.7 MB)

Thendral Vandhu Ennai Thodum | Upload Music


Kalyani said...

Hi Jo,

The song was well done over all, but there were some mistakes here and there. For instance when you sing "irave paai kodu" in the pallavi, you missed out a sangadhi. Similarly there are some shruthi issues to be corrected. Sorry to be so critical, this is one of my all time IR favorites.

Jo said...

Thanks Kalyani. I couldn't sing that sangathi as the karaoke track was fast and that sangathi did not come perfectly in the given tempo. So I discarded it.

Raj said...

Hi Jo can you upload the karaoke track for us to download? You guys did a good job with the song.

Jo said...

Thanks Raj. Please share your email address for karaoke.

Anonymous said...

Good one...
You can tweet the scale a bit more to make sound better.
Can you please send the karaoke to me at


kuppuraj said...

Hi Jo,
A good attempt.The feel was good. You have a top quality kalyani said there was minor sruthi issues then and there.The sangathi in irave pai kodu is the key thing in this song. IF THE KAROKE IS perfect you are capable of putting that sangathi...Overall..its was an enjoyable performance..

Expecting more such performances from you.
Please send the karoke to