Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Brahma Kamalam

Movie: Savidham
Music: Raveendran
Original singer: Yesudas
Sung by: Jo

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nandu said...

Dear Jo,
Malayamarutam ragathilulla Bhramakamalam ganam Jo valare nananyi paadi. Congratulation. Mattulla ganagal kettittu abhiprayam parayam.


Jo said...

@Nandu -- Thanks a lot Nandu. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo..

am back with another observation on pronounciation..isn't it 'shaathoDari' n not 'shaathoHari'....

Now you'd be thinking I'm only a critic...not at all...cant tell you how much I'm impressed by your voice and since the last four days I'm listening to you for about a couple of hours sure..Your voice is awesome and rendering is too good...n I thought if these tips could help ..might as well..:)


Jo said...


Looks like you're a pro in Malayalam. :-) Thanks for pointing out to me. I really don't know the meaning (would help if you can mention it) and got the lyrics from a website.

And of course these would really help!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha in malayalam one of my friend calls me 'Thiruthalvaadi' may be that instinct ..

meaning ..oops no clue..lemme research n get back :)

Anonymous said...

btw..did u see my request for 'Thoovella Thookum Ushassil' ..? ' were u able to identify the movie ?

Jo said...

Yeah. Its the movie "Saphalam". The very first work of Jassie Gift. :-)

Satheesh said...

Hey Jo,

This might be a very late comment for this song, but I am listening to all the songs in your blog, you have amazing talent. Hope you get some real good chances in commercial music too. Best wishes.

Jo said...

Dear Satheesh,

Thank you very much for your encouraging comments.