Friday, December 02, 2005

Aisi bheegi

Lyrics: Ajay Chandran
Composed & Sung by: Jo

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kaunquest said...

Jo, Thank u. You have sung it beautifully. Cheers

Utopian said...

Jo ..Its an amazing composition rendered beautifully. I would have paid to buy this song on a CD.

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Jo said...

@Kaunquest -- Thanks Ajay. :-) Your lyrics are wonderful.

@Utopian -- Thank you. :-)

Jana Yedar said...

Please check the above link..
u'll find a song "Aankhon Ke Saagar" by "Fuzon". It should be pronounsed as Fusion (Thats what they say). The song is really good and the voice too. Y dont u go for this song with accoustic..

Jo said...

@Jana Yedar -- Heard about that band, will check 'em out. Thanks for your comments.