Thursday, March 02, 2006

Song: Ariyaathe
Movie: Raavanaprabhu
Music: Suresh Peters
Originally sung by: P. Jayachandran & K. S. Chithra
Sung by: Meera & Jo.
Language: Malayalam

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lil _kath said...

Coool!..good start of the day,thanx for sharing guys!


madhavan kutty said...

Superb, Jo and Meera,
Hope to hear more such melodies!

Jo, Have you heard "Ee Kalpadavil" from "Out of Syllabus"
and Meera, try out "Ambe Jaya" from "Vrindaavanam"


Jo said...

@Kathy -- Thank you. :-)

@Madhavan Kutty -- Thank you. I will listen to the song from "Out of syllabus".

Kiran said...

Great Song...Keep it going Meera and Jo.

Good Luck.


Jo said...

Thank you Kiran.

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

bro & sis...what a great gift god has given you both? Do you know how much valuable it is? Great ...great...thats all I have to say about it...our prayers with you...can you include some classical stuff also?

Jo said...

@q8techdrive -- Thanks man! :-) I'm not good enough to sing Classical, but can try semi-classical ones.

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...

its OK bro...try one classical and lets us hear it. You got a gifted voice and you should sure try it...especially coz you are a person who loves carnatic and regret the fact that you wasnt able to study it during your childood days...

Jo said...

Alrighty. :-)

nandu said...

Extremely good. You are both did wonderful job. . Good voice modulation. My hearty congratulation Kanada ragam was used for this song. Valare popularaya “Kandu Kandu kothi kondu ninna kuyilee”(film Mambzhakalam) also in Kanada

Jo said...

Thanks for the info Nandu.