Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Song: Kaadhal Rojaave
Movie: Roja
Music: A. R. Rahman
Originally sung by: S. P. Balasubramaniam
Sung by: Jo
Karaoke by: Nandu (Gumbals Band)
Language: Tamil

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.:: Rosh ::. said...

Nicely sung Jo. GumbalsBand, nice work with the orchestration.

Jo, I thought the 2nd line goes 'kanneer vazhiyuthadi kannil", never noticed the difference so far.

Jo said...

Thanks ML.

In the lyrics I copied from a site, it has "Kannae".

CyberRowdy(Q8TechDrive) said...


Jo said...

Thanks budd. :-)

Arvind said...

Well sung - both you and Nandu have made more out of this song and made it your version :-) Good work...

The chords however seemed to be underplayed, and under-mixed - man, the emotion brought out by chords was the power-pack in this song ! - my 2 cents :)

Jo said...

@Arvind -- Thanks a lot man!! Nandu is working on another mix of the same song.