Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thozhuthu Madangum by Shyam/ONV/Unnimenon

I met Indu aka Induviduality through Flickr. Indu is one of the few online friends whom I could meet in person. A die-hard Yesudas and Unni Menon fan, and she keeps sending so many good songs. I met Indu when she came to see Thrissur Pooram [thanks for that free meal, Indu :-)]. Checkout her Flickr pics also. I couldn't find the karaoke for her original song request, but posting one of the hit songs by her fav singer Unni Menon.

Song: Thozhuthu madangum
Movie: Aksharangal
Music: Shyam
Lyrics: O N V
Originally sung by: Unni Menon
Sung by: Jo
Language: Malayalam

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Jothi said...

Beautiful. Your songs are absolutely fabulous. I enjoy listening to your songs. Can you sing 'Mayilirage mayilirage' song from 'Anbe Aaruyire' movie (tamil)? I would really like to hear this song in your voice.

Sushma Praveen said...

Simply Superb!!! Beautiful voice,good control and feel.Extremely talented. Keep up the good work.
Btw, I'm also from Thrissur.

Jo said...

>> Jothi: Thank you for your comments Jothi. I appreciate it.

>> Sushma Praveen: Thanks you Sushma. It's nice to know that you are also from Thrissur. :-)

Jenni said...

Very well sung and very good expression. I don't know this song but it sounds nice.
Keep singing.

Jo said...

Thank you Jenni.

Anonymous said...

nice song..
well done!

Jo said...

Thank you Kishor.