Thursday, July 31, 2008

Main Agar Kahoon (cover)

The music composer duo Vishal-Shekhar has given us two wonderful songs last year - Main Agar Kahoon and Ajab Si (click here to listen to my version of Ajab Si). Two beautiful songs sung by two of the best filmy singers in India - Sonu Nigam and Kay Kay. Sonu Nigam has a special gift in giving the right feel to the songs. It is not easy to imitate the feel that he gives in to a song. And Main Agar Kahoon is a good example.

Here I am trying this song with Sindhuja. Lemme know how it sounds. :-)

Song: Main Agar Kahoon
Movie: Om Shanti Om
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Originally sung by: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal
Sung by: Jo, Sindhuja

Download the song here (4.74 MB)


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Jack said...

Some what Ok... you are singing an hindi song with malayalam accent. Recording is not that good. Something missing in Sindhuja's voice also... Better luck next time.

Ranjith said...

Nice Joe.Honestly,
I feel female rendition was better than yours. A little attention to places like "kehna chahoo bhi toh tum se kya kahaooo..." ending would make it sound better.

Jo said...

Thanks for your honest remarks Jack and Ranjith.

Rajan said...

Really nice sung song. There seemed to be some issues as pointed by other commenters but still I enjoyed it very much

Jo said...

Hi, thanks a lot Rajan. :-)