Monday, July 21, 2008

Manju Pole Oru Swapnam - Song Release

Remember when I mentioned about a couple of music projects which I was looking forward to? One of them was to compose and sing the theme song for a Malayalam telefilm, Manju Pole Oru Swapnam, which is a UK Malayalee production. That project is over now and the song has been completely done. The first schedule of the film's shooting is over and the next schedule will begin soon.

I had this opportunity because of my friend and well-wisher Dr. James Bright, who is in the UK and whom I have never met. :-) Right from the day when he first came to my blog and listened to my songs, he said he would definitely give me a chance when he comes up with a filmy project (he was the producer of Malayalam film "Vadhu Doctoraanu" which has Jayaram in the lead role). And he kept his word. Dr. Bright has also written the script and songs for this telefilm.

As I started with this project, I could interact with a couple of others from the crew. Jayaram, the director of the film, has become a good friend of mine. He would call me up and discuss ideas he had for the songs and continuously encouraged me throughout the project. He is full of spirits and I can't wait to see the film! And then the hero of the film, Nimal, a nice chap who easily became a good friend. A truly hero material, I say. :-)

Many thanks to all the musicians who have worked on this project. To Ajit Gopalakrishnan (for orchestrating the song), Bharath Venkatesan (for rhythm programming) and Nandu Mahadevan (for mixing the song) - thank you folks!

Song: Manju pole oru swapnam
Lyrics: James Bright
Composed and sung by: Joseph Thomas
Orchestration: Ajit Gopalakrishnan
Rhythm Programming: Bharath Venkatesan
Mixing: Nandu Mahadevan

Download this song here (5.30 MB)


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Exclusive: Manju Pole Oru Swapnam at

Now watch this video with the pictures of filming, right from the Pooja day.


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A truly hero material, I say

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